Proclamation of the Faculty of Science management

Dear colleagues,

at its meeting yesterday, the Academic Senate of the Palacký University approved the establishment of the University Institute Catrin, despite the clearly declared disagreement of all bodies of the Faculty of Science, UP. We consider this to be a gross and completely unprecedented interference in the powers of the faculty bodies and we will continue to defend the rights and interests of the Faculty of Science by all available means.

At the same time, we declare that we value the work of the employees of the centers and we are interested in them continuing to work as employees of the Faculty of Science. All employees have the right to comply with all provisions of the valid employment contracts signed at the Faculty of Science, including wage financing from the grants which they participate in, as well as the access to laboratories and equipment they need for their work. We consider any form of pressure to terminate the activities at the Faculty of Science to be unacceptable and we will defend employees who would be exposed to such pressure.

On the behalf of the management of the Faculty of Science,

Martin Kubala